OK, so I promise not to make this site too iPad-centric. It just so happens that so much is being written, discussed, debated about it, it is almost inevitable that I should feel like disseminating some of it. Last night Stephen Colbert even used an iPad while presenting the Grammys. But I read a little piece in the New York Times the other day and David Pogue had this to say:

"Like the iPhone, the iPad is really a vessel, a tool, a 1.5-pound sack of potential. It may become many things. It may change an industry or two, or it may not. It may introduce a new category — something between phone and laptop — or it may not. And anyone who claims to know what will happen will wind up looking like a fool."

Other than that Michael Gartenberg, who always has interesting insights on these sort of things, had the following piece up on engadget.com:

Entelligence: Lessons from the iPad launch - Engadget





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