My little ode to Mike Oldfield (hence the name of the piece). Still requires drums and guitar work to be corrected, but for now the basics are laid down. The rest will follow one day.

AuthorJehuda Saar

I still need to make some progress with the hardware controls, but at the end of a long week I spent some more time discovering the “analog” sound of the Rickenbacker Bass module. Simple little melody, I didn’t have the energy to really get too creative, but I promised myself to become a little more daring on the next go-around, time permitting of course.

I was in the mood for something else this time. Something calmer and more melodious. Set up Maschine in Harmonic Minor scale and quickly came up with this. Still, I have to figure out how to copy notes played between Groups on the Maschine software to avoid doubling up on a lot of work. Also I am still using the software too much, having not yet mastered the onboard controls of the amazing Maschine Mk3. One step at a time.