Following the recent introduction of the iPad, there have been a lot of opinions expressed in the press, online and all around me. Knowing that I am somewhat of an Apple-fanatic, I have been asked for my opinion by a number of friends and acquaintances. Usually these comments were accompanied by various criticisms people have picked up in the press. More often than not these comments and criticisms were expressed by journalists who didn't really understand much about the iPad and the potential impact it could have on the way we work and interact with computers. 

To say that the iPad is going to change things is an understatement. I will include two links to articles that I believe express beautifully some of the things we are going to experience. The main gist of it all is that the iPad introduces a concept that should have been part of what using computers was always meant to be: helping us do what we want to achieve. Rather than having to learn new skills, read through mounds of documentation and spend hours in frustration trying to figure out how to get computers to do the simplest things, the iPad is a step in a new direction. One in which we will simply "get the job done". These two gentlemen, however, express it way better than I will ever be able to. Enjoy.


AuthorJehuda Saar