So what exactly are they hiding ? For those of you who have visited the one spot on earth that NEVER closes might wonder what exactly is going on at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC. Everyone is familiar with the glass entrance to the underground store that has become a must-see stop on every tourist's New York tour. And here we are, past 10PM on a weeknight and the glass entrance is entirely covered up (in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to see what exactly is being done to it...from any angle), flatbed trucks and cranes are positioned outside, workers and labourers are coming in and out of the building, occasionally the main entrance gets blocked and people are sent to the back entrance. It is clear that something big is going to happen. And then one cannot avoid thinking: does this have anything to do with the imminent debut of Apple's new Mac operating system, Lion ? The timing is ominous. Friday is July 1st and Lion was announced for July. Also, judging by the round the clock work being done my own feeling is that they are gearing up for something maybe as early as this weekend, or at the the latest early next week. And since Lion will only be available as a download, sprucing up the store may have something to do with hardware, and one cannot help but think about the often rumoured MacBook Air update. 

A few more days and the mystery will be revealed. But I have a pretty good feeling this will happen sooner rather than later.

AuthorJehuda Saar