With "Inception", what Christopher Nolan concocted in his fertile mind is nothing short of brilliant. Having just seen the movie I am still somewhat caught in its spell. I am not going to spoil anything for anyone here by revealing details about the story. Actually the best way to approach this movie is to walk in with no preconceived notions and just go with the flow. I suggest not even reading a single review. Reviewers often tend to be frustrated directors and sometimes like to spoil the experience for viewers by revealing just a little bit too much in their columns. 

I am actually quite encouraged by the fact that the Hollywood movie machine was able to produce something of this calibre and intelligence. I can only imagine that the "pitch" session with producers must have been somewhat of a challenge. This is not a movie one can encapsulate in a 5 word sentence (anything above that tends to stretch the mental capacity of some of these producers) . Actually I challenge anyone to do it effectively in a 140 letter tweet. 

I look forward to Mr Nolan's next projects. Maybe a movie like Inception will open the doors for other creative directors with slightly more complex projects than "Transformers XIV". Unless we are just going to wake up from this dream...

AuthorJehuda Saar
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